Ryan Shazier went into a dangerous tackle headfirst and has since been hospitalized and partially paralyzed. This puts into question his future with the Steelers as well as the NFL. Similarly, Bell’s is in question due to his high pay and high injury threat. We asked students and faculty about what they thought of the situation.

Mr. Mancini said about Shazier, “No, he should never play again, nor should he even consider it. The Steelers will be fine without him, they never draft a corner and always linebackers.”

Mr. Pastore said, “No he is stupid if he returns, the Steelers will be fine if they switch to a Four-Three Defense which will fit them better long term. As for Bell, they shouldn’t spend that much money and instead implement a New England type system and get a few above average running backs. ”

Matthew Caraway, said “I gotta hope that Shazier will return but it might be two years out. The defense should manage without him but it’ll take some adjusting.”

As of posting this article, the Steelers recently cleared millions to possibly resign Bell.



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