As a senior in high school, I feel more unsafe than I’ve ever before. The reality of shooting, especially after the recent shooting at Parkland High School in Florida, is getting more and more regular. To be in school and not protected is scary. School students shouldn’t have to go through this at any time.

I think the safety here in Avonworth is good, but it feels like that is true until something actually happens. I feel like we need more drills, like how we have fire drills every month. We had one emergency drill with students on September 15th, but that is not enough for people to know how to react in those dangerous situations.

There should be better alternatives, like security guards in every school, because now the shootings are getting out of hand. Armed guards, like one school just approved in New Jersey, feel like too much. But, we can not afford to keep losing our future because of a gun in the wrong hands.

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