At 1 PM on February 1st, Principal Keera Dwulit asked students and teachers to pause for a moment of silence to acknowledge the 50th anniversary of the Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike and the significance of the National Day of Silence.

Students noticed the event with a range of reaction.

Senior Naudia Ellis thought, “it was interesting because it was something I didn’t know about and I don’t think most people knew (either).”

“I thought it was nice that they were acknowledging an event in history that a lot of people don’t know about” said senior Mary Opipery.

Part of the overall movement behind today’s moment of silence reflected social media activity from the #IAM2018 on Instagram and Twitter. Moments of silence were held around the country throughout the day in various places.

Guidance counselor Aaron Pellicano said, “I think the announcement is needed in a district like ours because we don’t understand some of the struggles that have gone on in this country.”

Junior Wiley Bozada said, “…it gets discussion that MLK was killed by the CIA and that it’s good that we finally talked about the circumstances surrounding that event.”

Junior Amadeus Stern echoed a more practical viewpoint, as some students were busy with the daily tasks of school.  “I was taking a test and it sounded very important but I wasn’t able to listen and comprehend what was going on.”



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