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To celebrate Read Across America on Friday, March 2nd, students in Mr. Tuffiash’s 11th grade English classes used a little-known fact about Dr. Seuss as a launching point into reading through 76 years of student newspaper writing.

Celebrating Dr Seuss's early days as a high school journalist by reading old Avonews. Finding mom's writing (top left) and enjoying reading back to 1925! #ReadAcrossAmerica Read Across America

Posted by Avonews Avonworth on Friday, March 2, 2018


“We think of Dr. Seuss as a children’s book writer and we celebrate that part of his work today, but he got his start at your age writing for his high school newspaper,” said Tuffiash at the start of his 3rd period AP Language class before introducing his activity.

“Thanks to Tom Steiner {former Avonews advisor} and Bonnie Carmichel {former high school librarian}, we have these amazing archives of Avonews dating back to 1925, when it was the Maroon and Grey for Ben Avon High School,” said Mr. Tuffiash about having students read through the archives during his classes. “It’s fun, but also very surprising what kids would write, especially in the 1950’s.”

Here are 6 quotes that stood out to this year’s Juniors as they read through from 76 years of Avonews writers.

  1. “Love God and neighbor” This is from a piece published in the 1956 Avonews. They listed a modified list of the 10 commandments accepted by the Boston School Committee. Love God and Neighbor is listed as one of them which is pretty surprising with the separation of God and state.
  2. “If I were to carry out my desires there simply wouldn’t be any Girls’ Sports column. The most discouraging thing happened. Thursday, March 5, the Avalon Girl reserves invaded the gymnasium defeated out girls team 44-4”.   This quote at first glance seems very sexist through the first sentence, but as you read on she says this because the girls team was so bad. This quote was from the start of the modern Avonews in 1942.
  3. “Next year, try to avoid shady scenes that involve shady people. Anyone or anything that you have never seen, talked to,or ever come into contact with before, is a big no no.” 2006
  4. “The Antelopes? Why is Avonworth’s school nickname the Antelopes? If one takes the time to think about it, the name that supposedly describes our school is dull, insipid, and deserves to be changed.”  1982
  5. “Also, the administration could eliminate a few more employees. That is their goal anyway, isn’t?” 1982
  6. “Don’t go steady unless your ready.” Another “Teen Commandment” from the 1956 Avonews.

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