“Everybody’s brackets busted,” said avonewsonline staff member Sam Guzzo. One bracket not totally busted is one of three Sam made with the rest of the avonewsonline staff during a class activity before the tournament began.

The class created three brackets – the middle bracket, Avonews 2, was a mix of hunches and informed opinion


“March Madness is one of the few moments, like the Super Bowl, where journalism intersects with sports beyond people who pay attention to sports every day,” said advisor Scott Tuffiash. For a lesson, the Journalism 2 class, which is also the avonewsonline staff, completed three brackets. One of these remains at 96%.

Other students were much less successful around AHS.

Senior Mike Stewart posted to his Snapchat story a message most kids felt after a weekend full of upsets in the NCAA men’s tournament.
A view of the University of Maryland Baltimore County historic 16 seed upset win over #1 Virginia and the ripple effect felt by junior Matt Carraway and many others throughout the high school


“If the bracket stays so successful, we’ll do something fun as a class,” said Tuffiash.

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