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Students participating in the March 14th walkout found themselves considering a few points of view. Connor Pappas, joined by senior Rocco Gullippe, displayed a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag while wearing NRA t-shirts to voice their view that tighter gun control is not the answer to the problem of school shootings.

“I’m doing this to support the second amendment,” said Pappas. He felt the march at Avonworth “will not accomplish anything.” He plans to counterprotest at all the upcoming Women’s Marches, noting that”I am very experienced in firearms, I have been around them my whole life” and that banning guns doesn’t solve the school violence problem.

Senior Andy Chrvala felt the march was “a step in the right direction” but was cynical about the impact. “I don’t think it’ll accomplish anything because people are dumb.”

Junior Tess Theobald looked into organizing event herself but when she offered assistance it was not needed. Instead, she participated “to show support. Only one person in my family owns a firearm, so {I} really {have} no experience {with guns}. I think this {march} is a real opportunity and if there are any other marches like this I would like to participate and would even consider writing a letter to the NRA or government officials about this.” Her view on the march overall was more positive. “I don’t know if the Avonworth protest will help, but with all the youth banding together it might have an impact.

Theobold alongside other juniors, including Madison Deen to her right, gathered in the auditorium before walking out. Photo by Lissah Fry


Sophomores Maya Berg and Hadley Holcomb were both active in this march and attended the women’s march in DC. “I am very passionate about this event, “said Hadley, “and went to Mrs, Dwuilt who gave me full support. The goal is for change, though not immediate, it will shed light on the fact that kids want change.”

“I definitely think it will help if enough people get to together, I have no experience with firearms – never owned one, saw one, and don’t plan to. I want the ban of semi-automatic and fully automatic firearms.”

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