2 Hour Delay Allows Police Time to Investigate Shooting Near The School

An unexpected and tragic event delayed school for students on Wednesday, April 4th.

Police from multiple townships needed further time to continue an investigation into a shooting on Rebecca Drive in the neighborhood across the street from the high school.

In addition, a high wind advisory reflected an additional obstacle for buses and drivers.

The Post-Gazette’s traffic feed posted that “A section of Camp Horne Road is closed at Route 65 in Emsworth and Crawford Road in Kilbuck due to a fallen tree.”

While buses had to take secondary routes, the initial shooting and police investigation was the reason Dr. Ralston delayed school.

In an e-mail to the community Wednesday afternoon, Ralston stated, “Today was truly a challenging day for all of us.  A tragic event like the one that occurred in our community touches everyone whether they had a personal connection to those directly involved or not.”

Ralston continued in the e-mail to provide links to resources for district families looking for ways to discuss Wednesday’s events.

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