One of the cutest promposals of the year happened by the high school cafeteria. Senior Liam Goetz thought of an amazing idea, to ask one of Avonworths most well known students, Katie Conaway to the Life Skills Prom.

The Life Skills Prom is exactly like the prom we hold here at Avonworth each year. It has been held annually at PNC Park for the past couple years, in the fancy Lexus Club. Over 15 schools from around Allegheny county attend this prom each year. Mrs White told us that we get our kids dates, which are often other students in the school, and take them to the Life Skills Prom. We asked if she helped arrange this promposal at all, she informed us that Liam thought of and executed the entire plan on his own. All Mrs. White had to do to help was make Katie a tad bit late for lunch.

Students around Avonworth loved this whole immediately following Liam proposing the offer, the whole body of lunch 2 students and more were chanting, “Katie!” and all said in unison, “awe.” I asked a few of the students what they thought of it and these were their responses:

“That was so cute, oh my God.” -freshman Bailey Tempest.

Junior Gabby Walko” That restored my faith in humanity”, she said excitedly.

Also throughout the school there were many other promposals here are some of our favorites.

This is a post not one from our school but one the staff thought was very funny, involving the new vaping product everyone seems to have around the school the Juul.


This is a image of one of our Avonnews online staff members asking his date Bailey Tempest.

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