The schools’ cafeteria has undergone a lot of differences during the 2017 2018 school year. The main differences that have caught the eyes of some are ketchup packets or maybe the salad bar. Something else that may have gone a bit unnoticed is the reason strips of fire have become less frequent throughout the week.

Melissa Schad, the head of food services, mentioned it was because the breading on the chicken was not whole grain.

The guidelines state that “Foods that qualify as whole grain-rich for the school meal programs are foods that contain
100-percent whole grain or contain a blend of whole-grain meal and/or flour and enriched meal and/or flour of which at least 50-percent is whole grain.”

Mrs. Schad noticed that the strips were loved so she decided not to get rid of them all together but to minimize the amount in a week. When there are no strips there are spicy chicken sandwiches in place of them.

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