Earlier in the year, The Avonews ran a story where students lamented the removal of the sauce pumps and a replacement with ketchup packets.

“For years, we have been able to experience the wonderful, humbling condiment dispensers that require a simple bop of the hand and a reasonable amount of ketchup dispensed. Not with these so-called “Red Gold “Ketchup packets” wrote Joey Bevilaqua.

This was not random or without reason, though.


Director of Food Services Melissa Schad had multiple reasons for the change.


First, removing the pumps cleared room to offer the full salad bar.

Second, the packets do not require refrigeration, making them more cost-effective.

Despite Joey’s frustrations, his opinion isn’t reflective of the school as a whole. For people like me, who don’t eat ketchup, the packets are a non-issue.

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