There are but a few places to eat lunch the main focus today is the lobby. Do people prefer the lobby of the cafeteria?

One of the two cafe’s, the high school side, serves the daily special.


Obviously there is not to much spaces to fit the whole lunchroom students in the lobby but there’s also a choice if you would like to eat out there or not. Most people eat in the cafeterias but I was wondering if people actually like to eat in the lobby.

A look at the tables throughout the day


Some do some do not it’s all preference. Naudia Ellis says “It’s not something I would like”.

While on the other hand, Alaina G says “Yes, I have.”

Me personally, I like the lobby setting because I feel more comfortable around less people while I’m enjoying my meal.

Coverage of where kids eat lunch –

why do they choose either cafeteria

do they choose the lobby?

what made those tables appear? Ask Mrs. Dwulit

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