Lunch is a great break in the day from school. Talking with friends and such, trying to enjoy the meal…this got me thinking. If you want to have a good lunch, does the lunch have to be good? Do people even like the school’s lunch or do they just eat it because it’s there.

The big question or concern I’ve had was do people actually like the lunch? There is an old rumor that schools lunches aren’t that great.

“It’s alright it could be worse or better” says Naudia Ellis.

School lunches are made up of healthier choices here at Avonworth, so maybe the taste you want from something might not be the same but yet tolerable.

A lot of students buy the schools lunch so it cannot be that terrible. Many days it is ok, sometimes good.

In the end, too, lunch at school is just as much about the friends around you, too.


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