On March 22 was National Down Syndrome day celebrating these amazing humans. In honor of this holiday, you can wear crazy socks and other things that will bring people’s attention towards accepting all types of people, including those with Down Syndrome. Once others notice your crazy socks, you can tell them why you are wearing them and spread the word of a good cause.

Organized by Miss Wickert and Mrs. White, the original date for participation in wearing crazy socks on Wednesday, but due to a very early Spring snowstorm, school was canceled on National Down Syndrome Day. This may have decreased the number of students and teachers wearing crazy socks, but it was rescheduled for today and some students and faculty really showed out with their crazy socks.

Lastly, on this day they are also trying to spread the word to end the word.  They took pledges on a banner. If you promised to not say the R word you sign your name on the banner and you take your pledge.

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