Are people in Avonworth taking back to back Stanley Cup champion Penguins for granted?

Today, walking around school, I have not seen a single shirt or any form of clothing supporting the Penguins. I think this is because the Pens have been so good these past two years, everyone thinks they will just make it to the championship again. I asked a couple kids for their opinion on this and these are their responses.

Junior Sam Wimer said, ” I think it’s because people do not watch tv as much anymore. {They} just play on their phones and look at social media. So there is not as much support for the Penguins anymore.”

“They have gotten so good that everyone just assumes they are gonna get to the cup,” said junior Amadeus Stern.

Friday, and over the weekend, a lot of action happened in the series. Game 2 went badly for the Penguins, to many fans disbelief. The Flyers beat the Penguins 5-1 in PPG Paints Arena, in a convincing win for them. Penguins star and captain Sidney Crosby, after a sensational game one, struggled. He missed a breakaway, then after missing an easy wide-open net, showed his frustration by smashing his stick off of the goal and shattering it.  This took away Pittsburgh’s home ice advantage and evened up the series at 1-1, making it a fun series to watch.

Game 3 was a huge bounce-back win for the Penguins.  In very convincing fashion they smashed the Flyers in Philly 5-1, putting them right back in control of the series.  Period 2 the Pens came out blazing, scoring two goals in 5 seconds. The Penguins captain Crosby also came back with a vengeance scoring a goal and recording three assists.

Game 4  of this series will be the biggest yet. It decides if it will be a close nail-biting series, or the Pens will most definitely come out on top putting them in front 3-1. In my opinion, I think they will win 3-2 in the first close game of the series.

I asked Junior Patrick Gannon on his opinion and he said confidently, “4-1 Pens”.

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