The Penguins have a big game tonight in this crazy first round series. It has been back and fourth and today the vibe around school kids seem excited, and more are wearing their Pens gear. I myself and most other kids I asked will be watching the game tonight. Almost everyone in this school seems to think that the Penguins will come out with a big win tonight and take a decisive 3-1 lead in the series.

Today for my beat I wanted to see if kids were excited to watch the game tonight and see their score prediction. We have seen 3 blowouts in this series going both ways so anything could happen. Here are a few of the students score predictions for the game tonight.

First Pens fan Tyler Lanzty said, ” The Pens are either going to win 3-2 or in another blowout 5-0. I will be watching the game tonight”. Tyler believes the Pens will come out victorious tonight and seems excited to watch them win tonight.

” I am feeling a 4-2 pens win tonight. I will be watching the game tonight as soon as I get home from practice” ,Junior Mathew Caraway says . He seemed very confident that the Pens will win, and a bit upset he would not be able to watch the full game because of practice.

Amadeus Stern ( not the biggest pens fan) said, ” It will be a 4-1 pens win they are gonna come out of the gates flaming. I will not be watching the game tonight I am too busy with homework”. Although he does not have the most knowledge about hockey as a true Pittsburgher he picked the Pens to come out on top big.

Lastly I got a crazy score prediction from a fellow journalism 2 student Thorin Kardell, ” 9-7 Pens”. This was the craziest prediction I have ever received, but you never know with this series.

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