The Penguins came out of the gates on fire last night, for the third time blowing out the Flyers.  With the big 5-0 Pens win they take a controlling 3-0 series and are one game away from sealing the series. My feeling about this series is that it is over. The Pens are gonna seal the deal on Friday and look forward to their next round opponent. I had a feeling that most kids around Avonworth would feel the same way and I was correct.

Today I went around and asked students their score prediction for next game. It is reminding them of what happened in Game 2 when the Flyers came out and demolished the Penguins. The responses, as I expected, were very Pro pens and most students had the Penguins winning, all in a very similar score line.

First Sophomore Leo Smith said, ” I totally think the pens are gonna win. It will be a easy 5-2 win”. Leo thinks the pens will sail easy into a game 5 series win.

” Yup I think the Penguins are gonna win 4-2″, said Penguins fan Owen North.

” It will for sure be a penguins win. They are going to win 4-2.” said sophomore Kevin McGibbney. He thinks it is going to be a close game until the third period, then the Penguins will kick it into high gear and close out the series.

Freshman hockey fan Jack Foster when I asked him this question had to think a little but came up with this, ” I think the Penguins will end up winning 4-2″.

All of Avonworth seems to think this series is coming to a close sooner rather than later and I 100% agree. The Penguins have looked great during most of this series ( not game two) and I do not expect that to change at all in game 5. Final score prediction for me, I will go with the crowd and say 4-2.

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