The Pittsburgh Penguins, rolling into the playoffs are back to back champs and coming in hot. Many experts say they are a excellent team but their defense is just too weak to bring them back to the cup and win it three years in a row. Most predictions have the pens losing in the second round or the Eastern Conference Finals.  The first round they are playing the Flyers and the majority of commentators expect them to come up on top.

The first game the Penguins absolutely demolished the Flyers and showed no weakness whatsoever. The Pens beat Philly 7-0 in a big game one win.  Captain and star Sidney Crosby dazzled the fans with yet another playoff hatrick to add to his already stellar career. Goalie Matt Murray posted his 3rd consecutive playoff shutout now totaling over two hundred minutes without being scored on, which is amazing.

Lastly I asked a few students for their opinion of the penguins cup chances and how far they will make it in the playoffs this year, their score prediction for next game, and after Fleury’s big game one shutout for his new team was it a mistake letting him go?

Biology teacher Mrs. Selip said, ” I think the pens are gonna go all they way I am gonna be optimistic not realistic” and regarding Fleury, ” I think I am happy for him, both him and Murray get more playing time. He gets a lot more playing time which is deserved he has a lot of hockey left in him, but I was sad to see him go”.

” I think the penguins are going all the way. Letting go of Fleury was not a mistake”, Junior Justin Belvedere says.

Lastly I interviewed Melissa Schad the director of food services. She said. ” The penguins will win 3-2 tonight in a close one, and they will go all the way again”.

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