Today, Amadeus and I rushed around in order to turn in our National Honors Society Applications. Upon entering Mr. Mancini’s eighth-period study hall, Deus gleefully high-fived me for having obtained my application. Deus confidently strode over to Mr. Mancini and signed out to the library. On the way to the library, we encountered a shadow. This shadow goes by the name of Sam Guzzo. He followed us into the library but attempted to disperse upon photographic evidence of him stalking us. Once we reached our destination, Deus got right to work. His Mission? Print out his stellar, 4-page essay, and race down to Madame Hart to turn it in.

Soon after printing Deus encountered the first obstacle of his journey, the dreaded Wiley Bozada. When I asked Deus why Wiley was bothering him, he stated, “I’m not mad I’m just disappointed.” Eventually, Deus, using his cunning linguistic skills, eventually drove Wiley away. It was at this point we embarked on another quest. 

This quest was to travel to Mrs. Maisner’s room and retrieve service hours that we logged with Key Club. While I was discussing my hours with Mrs. Maisner, Deus interjected, “I like the blonde hair.” This caught Mrs. Maisner slightly off-guard but was ultimately appreciated. 

Additionally, Deus discovered a stapler on her desk and used the device to attach the pages of his essay together making it whole and ready to be turned in. Triumphantly we raced to Madame Hart’s room with only minutes to spare. We opened the door and it was at this moment Deus pondered out-loud, “How many people get in? Is there an acceptance rate?” to Deus’ dismay, she did not have an answer.But this minor hiccup in the ultimate journey to join National Honors Society would not disturb the feeling of relief that Deus received after turning in his application. I inquired about what he thought of the process and he stated, “It was delightful.” Another successful day with Amadeus Stern.

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