After searching Mr. Mancini’s eighth period study hall, the hallways, the gym, and the bathroom Amadeus was nowhere to be found. It took a search party and a door-to-door search to eventually track down the elusive Deus. What was preoccupying the young lad? An honors Trigonometry test, where Deus was stuck on the last question trying to simplify. Deus’ comment on the test was, “It was not perfect but I can confidently say I will receive a satisfying grade.”

Deus then grabbed his head and complained of his exhaustion. Deus’ exhaustion lead him to forget his daily routine of begging Mr. Coffin to allow the Hoopsters some time on the court. He returned to Mr. Mancini’s eighth period study hall, where the Hoopsters were gathered at their usual table. After taking a trip to the counseling office, we met with Mrs. Clark. Deus requested that she turn his UPCIA application into a PDF for the Academy.

Afterwards, he stopped for a much needed drink of water. “tasted a lot like water, I like water.” Owen asked Deus why he would drink water that was not refreshing, in response Deus said, “Hindsight is 20-20, Owen.” (Note: Owen North is not a part of the Hoopsters). To quote Deus though, “Owen is a valuable friend of the Hoopsters.” Owen departed from the group at 14:40 pm to attend a dentist appointment. This was a loss felt by the group on an unspoken level. At this point Deus suggested Hangman to the group; however he forgot how to play as he drew the noose and the guy before any guesses were made. Deus chose a a six letter word. Matt made the first guess. “Let’s go with I.” His next couple guesses of O, E, and U were all incorrect. At this point Deus said, “Man you suck at this game.” Matt fired back with an “A.” This was correct. His next guess of “R” set him up for success where he was able to guess the word. But Mr. Mancini beat him to the punch with his guess of, “racism.” Tune back tomorrow for another report.  

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