Deus began the period by begging Mr. Mancini to go check with Mr. Coffin on whether or not the Hoopsters could use the gym. To receive the best chance of success I was asked to remain outside of the gym while Amadeus asked Mr. Coffin to sign a pass. I sat outside the doors of the gymnasium receiving passing glances from students wandering the halls. Deus waited, pacing the gym floor, for what seemed like an eternity before the elusive Mr. Coffin appeared. After much anticipation, Deus received the “Golden Ticket.” After returning to Mr. Mancini’s eighth period study hall, he shouted, “Let’s go baby!” Then promptly signed the Hoopsters out.

Once in the gym, the Hoopsters gathered freshman to play a game of, “hoops” with the crew. Amadeus, unsurprisingly was elected captain. His first pick? Matthew Carraway, a great, yet predictable choice. Jason Novosel as well as Sam Wimer were MIA today which is a loss felt by the two surviving members. When I asked Deus about the loss he stated, “I miss them.” On Deus’ first shot of the game he sunk a three, truly marvelous, like the Russian Michael Jordan. The Hoopsters were dominating the court. 

The Deus and Matt duo were unstoppable. Upon Jonnah Sommers scoring another 3 for the Hoopsters, Deus commented, “We are winning by one point, go Justin Bieber!” Late in the game the fatigue began to set in. I could notice some of the players tiring.

Amadeus rallied his team and rushed them down the court for a quick two points. The game was heated and both teams were leaving everything on the court. Amadeus stepped it up and, “went hard in the paint.” He scored two consecutive three point shots.


With minutes left in the period the Hoopster trailed 18-20. The stakes were high. But then Jonah Sommers sank yet another 2 tying the game. Matt caught the rebound off a missed shot from Hugo and hurled the ball across court to his captain. Deus lined up the two point shot and nailed it. I spoke with Deus after the game and he said, “We slaughtered them due to my three pointers and team work.” 

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