The Kennywood Physics field trip from 2018 was held on Wednesday, May 16th. Our photographer Alec Kreutzer went along and captured some of the sites around the amusement park. Below are a few of the highlights:


Many of the rides on this overcast Wednesday were still in operation, including this swing ride Swing Shot. Alec passed on this one.
A classic ride The Wave Swinger was one ride Alec passed on.
The Thunderbolt is another classic coaster. It was running but Alec passed on this one as well.
Ghostwood Estate was closed, though it did catch Alec’s attention.
Alec’s favorite ride was the auto race, pictured here.

Sky CoasterCosmic chaos

One highlight was the lunch, which was a cheddar bacon burger and fries along with a very thick vanilla milkshake. The shake was so thick and cold Alec ended up with brain-freeze and biting off a bit of his plastic spoon. Even still, the milkshake was tasty.


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