Last night the Pens lost their series to Caps. The games final score was 2-1 in overtime which made for an edge-of-seat experience. While many were disappointed the Penguins would not be winning a third Stanley Cup in a row, a large portion of Pens fans rallied behind former goalie, Marc Andre Fleury.


Pictures and videos on social media depict penguin fans dawning the Las Vegas Knights jersey as well as other attire to support the new team. Many experts on the NHL favor the Knights because of their ability to choose an all-star team.

Pens fans are hopeful that the Las Vegas team will go on to win the Stanley Cup. We interviewed some students here at Avonworth about what they thought of the loss.

“It sucks, I’m disappointed but we can’t win all the time. We need a better defense.”- Junior Matt Caraway


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