At the start of the 2nd week of school, over 15 students have filled a new role in Student Council – LEAD homeroom representative.

Mrs. Studt, returning as sponsor for the second year, e-mailed the staff and described the position as follows:

“LEAD Homeroom Representative: This person is responsible for examining STUCO agenda action items reviewing them with the homeroom and asking students for feedback from homeroom. This person should write down homeroom feedback about action items and present them at the following meeting…”

As of September 11th, here is the list of LEAD homeroom representatives:

120 Meghan Kernan         315 Bailey Holmberg    115 Nicky Kam

117 Alambir Goraya, Juan Lopez, Tyler Schleis

118 Maggie Pappas   116 Caroline Sanfilippo  Rothman PE Mara Bett

309 Sarah McAdams  312 Aaron Fresh  314 Danica Raich

308 Dustin Baxter    207 Jonah Sommers  211 Elia Vith

208 Carly Tomko  205 Lissah Fry

What inspired these students to take on this responsibility? “I wanted to show signs of leadership on my transcript and I wanted to take on the responsibility for my homeroom” said Sarah McAdams as she was interviewed about volunteering. ” I think it will help more students’ voices to be heard. It will also make the connection between the students and faculty stronger.”

Freshman Caroline Sanfilippo saw similar opportunities that inspired her to represent room 116. “I think this will make students like the culture at Avonworth better. Students often feel like they don’t have a voice and this will help them to feel more involved.”

Freshman Maggie Pappas was interested as her LEAD teacher Ms. George said the position would be a good resume builder.

The other open positions are more traditional from the past few years. To see the full list or to apply for a position, click here

Reporting and Writing completed by: Ally Yovetich, Julia Libbon, and Josh Elm

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