Throughout the city of Pittsburgh, their has been record reaching temperatures that have affected local schools. Hitting close to home, Avonworth School Districts very own sports are receiving some cautions. Avonworth Varsity Softball was scheduled for a two hour practice, but turned into an hour and a half with shorts as an option. ”Right now, because the weather is hot, we are doing an hour and a half practices instead of two hours. We no longer split the practice into hitting and fielding; now we only do about 20 minutes of fielding to save energy due to the heat. We were allowed to carry water around. Our coach provided a case of water. We were also permitted to wear shorts,” said freshman Lois Bennett.

Volleyball was rescheduled as well.

 The majority of the freshman on the Avonworth JV football team were upset after Wednesday’s practice change. Due to heated temperatures, football practice was switched from after school(3:00 pm) to 7:30 that night. The freshman were asked if they would prefer the night practice with cooler temperatures, they responded, “No, it was annoying. We got home at 9. We would rather have practice earlier even though it was hot.”


21 districts in Pittsburgh, during their second and third weeks of school, have been released early due to the almost record high heat. “The average age of a #Pittsburgh school building is 87 years. Many buildings were built in the 1800’s. Like many @CityPGH buildings of that age (City Hall included), full air conditioning is not available,”-City of Pittsburgh Mayor(


Reporting and photography by Lois Bennett, Ellie Galbraith, Maggie Pappas and Ella Ciarimboli

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