The weather in October 2018 has been quite unusual to the students of Avonworth. The beginning of October has been relatively warm, and many people don’t understand this weather. Temperatures have reached the high 70’s and low 80’s. In just a few days, the weather has changed drastically. On October 8, 2018, the temperature reached 84°. Just a few days later on the 12th, the high reached just about 54°. It is predicted that the temperature will normalize, and the high will stay around 50 for the next few months. These absurd weather changes are not normal in Pittsburgh. Most years around this time the weather has stayed warmer. These force fall sports teams to keep on adjusting and it can be very complicated and interfere with other activities that they may have.

Weather reports show that the temperature will stay in the low fifties and high forties.

The sports in October have been heavily affected by the strange patterns in the weather this month. Each day varies, with some being high and others being low — this can affect practice schedules, games, and even performance. Freshman on the cross country team Taea Schreifer told us that “Our whole season was basically ruined, we had a lot of setbacks and just a bunch of meets within the last two weeks of the season.” Another freshman, Luke Woodfill, also explained that practice was also hard because you would have to make up for all the missed meets and practices. Not only did fall weather effect track, but other events such as marching band and fall [soft]ball have also been affected by these changes. Emily Davis, a freshman softball player, said that “It is harder because when you play in the cold your muscles tighten up and it affects your performance.”  Both Killian Horigan and Justin Kendrick, freshmen in the marching band, agreed that playing in the cold can be hard because focusing can be difficult.

Even with strong gusts of wind, this tree still stays standing tall.

In the past, the weather was not much different. During October of 2017, the highest temperature was a whopping 82 degrees, while it’s low was 31. In 2016, the consistent extremes continued with a 79 degree high and a 31 degree low. These drastic temperatures go back to even 2015 where the high was 85 and the low 34.


By Caroline Sanfilippo, Anna Libbon, Cheyanne Snyder, Corin Rockey, and Olivia Holloway

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