An avonews poll was sent out in late September and early October to all of the students grades 9-12 asking “What Platform You Use To Listen To Music”. The answers gave us a great push in the right direction. Here were the leaders: 

Spotify: 54.5%

Youtube: 21.2%

Apple Music: 9.1%

As you can see, Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music are the big three at Avonworth. After this, we proceeded to ask ‘What Genre Of Music Do You Listen To?”

Pop: 36.4%

Rock/Metal, Hip Hop/R&B, Country, Rap: all tied at 21.2%

Disco: 15.2% 

Show Tunes: 12.2%

Indie: 9.1% 

Folk, Jazz, Blues/Soul: tied at 6.1%

Many more genres were tied around 3%

We wanted to collect more responses and catch more of a gauge on what people were listening to, so in turn, we went around asking people about their favorite songs, albums, and artists. People, as usual, have lots of opinions, and some listened to a wide variety of music.

We copied down all of the artists, albums, and songs that people listed as their favorite. We captured all of this data and compiled it into a GIANT playlist on Spotify. Of course, here is the reality of music. Not all of what we listen to is squeaky clean. We created a preview of the playlist, which is clean. Then there is the real one, which is less clean. We are going to link the preview of the playlist if you wish to listen to the full one, please contact Toni Keller. If you have any name suggestions for the playlist, or suggestions for what song/albums to add to the playlist, please COMMENT below! We would love to hear your suggestions.


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