As the world’s leading internet entertainment service, it is no doubt that Netflix has taken Avonworth students by storm. Students find themselves or see others using the streaming service daily, whether in class or a free period. Since Netflix has an important role in school life, we wanted to find out what kinds of shows and movies make Netflix so appealing. To do this, we sent out a poll to all students in grades 9-12. The poll asked simple questions about the popular streaming site including favorite movie and television show. With 85 responses, we were able to put together a list of Avonworth students’ favorite shows and movies, and we sorted them into categories based on the genres listed on the Netflix website.

It was shocking how many Freshman responded to our Netflix poll. Usually its hard to get them to respond to our questions. It seems like they would rather us send questions instead of asking in person.

We also asked students to tell us their favorite show on Netflix, and then we split those into genres. Like favorite movie genres, shows listed under comedies was the leading genre, but this time there is a closer gap between comedies and dramas. The top show under comedy was “The Office,” which has a good mix of humor and drama, making it appealing to younger crowds. The many different kinds of comedy makes it appealing to a wider variety of people. With similar underlying themes, drama sometimes appeal to a more specific audience.

We also asked people if they prefer watching Netflix on their laptops or phones during school. With wider screens, laptops are more appealing to watch videos on, and they are also less obvious when watching.

By: Brianna Nowka, and Jessie Mellon


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