“…after we found out we won states we were crying and hugging each other and we were really happy. So, in the end, it was a really great experience,” said freshman Taea Schriefer about qualifying for states.

Freshman Taea Schriefer expresses her excitement by posting this picture to Instagram.

The High School fall cross country season started in late August. Varsity runners have been working hard to prepare for WPIALS, and hopefully, states. During this year’s practices at the high school track, and other times throughout Cobblestone, Avonworth Heights, Josephs Lane, and Buckingham, “sometimes there is really nice, easy practices where you just get a simple work out but other times you get like challenges where you are sprinting up Josephs Lane and you are doing track intervals and you have to get the same time constantly,” described high schooler Taea Schriefer.

When asked to compare this year’s practice to last years the young, freshman, Varsity runner said, “In middle school you learn what is was like to do cross country but in high school you are actually trying your hardest and doing your best to improve your time and actually getting better but in middle school you were just getting the experience and understanding what you will have to do for next year but you weren’t like at your best.” As WPIALS got closer, practices did not noticeably become more challenging. One runner said, “It’s not really more challenges closer to WPIALS. You do harder practices, but in general, you had these practices before so they are not killing you but they are challenging you.”


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