At 8:05, Principal Dwuilt made the following announcement to the school.

Good morning, Avonworth, this is Mrs. Dwulit and I just wanted to take a moment to recognize the significance of today.  On November 11th our nation celebrates Veterans Day…it is not a somber day or one to hang our heads, it is a day to stand tall and honor the service and sacrifice of so many.  The willingness to serve your nation in the face of enemies, combat and the unknown is one that requires strength, belief and often comes back with trauma, pain and invisible struggle.  Our veterans are among us in so many forms – they are grandfathers, aunts, brothers, moms and they are the neighbor down the street.


So, as our nation and our school responds to recent events…remember what is important.  Be kind to each other, look up and stay humble…there is great world big world out there and soldiers serving our country as I speak.  Soldiers training, beginning their first day of basic training, coming home with a uniform full of sand, soldiers gathering intelligence, supporting families and those battling the wounds of loss and visions that can’t be unseen.  Choose to build yourself and someone else, not tear them down.

Close up of one of the posters placed around school for Veterans Day

Veterans Day is about the choice the serve. The choice to place the nation as its freedoms above your own.   Make a choice for yourself to serve a greater good – it can be service to a friend, your own family, this school family, your own future.  


I’ll leave you with my favorite quote and wish you a great day!  “A soldier doesn’t fight because he hates what is in front of him, he fights because he loves what he left behind.”

Please now join me outside for a brief ceremony…we will sing together our National Anthem and raise the our national colors to begin the day.  A flag will remain outside the MS Caf today…if you feel a desire to do so, please carry it around the building as a way to honor our service members or someone special to you.  Walk with friends, your family or a teacher…please replace it in the stand after your walk. Thank you for your time and attention this morning.


Ms. Waddell’s door filled with Veterans Day posters!


Photos from Ella, Maggie Pappas and Lois Bennett

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