1) The Boys Soccer Team defeated Greensburg Central Catholic in the WPIAL championship on November 1st, making Avonworth history! They moved onto states and made it all the way to the championship. The game was at Hershey on November 16th, with 3 fan buses travelling the 4-hour ride to go support their team. The boys ended up losing, however, they placed 2nd in the state of Pennsylvania. Their final record of the season was 23-1-1!

2) The Halloween Parade came made its comeback to Avonworth this school year! Seniors dressed up in their Halloween costumes and paraded around the hallways. Students lined up outside of their classrooms to watch the parade. Junior Emma Ronk said, “I liked seeing all of the different costumes and people being able to express themselves.” The Halloween Parade was very memorable this year!

Samuel Wimer as fat Batman
Mason Herzig as Jamie for Progressive

3) The homecoming dance, which has been at the Convention Center for the past few years, was at the Science Center this year. Many people went and had a lot of fun! There were no slow dances, which surprised some people. However, a lot of people loved dancing to the music! The homecoming dance was enjoyed by many this year.

4) Freshmen Neo Miller and Jordan Kolenda came out with a song at the start of this school year. They uploaded it on soundcloud, a popular music website and app that people can post their music onto. Many people around school were seen listening to it, and since then Miller has come out with a few more songs. It is very popular among the Freshmen, but made waves among all grade levels as well. It appears that Miller will keep producing music on his soundcloud for at least the rest of the school year.


5) The word “Swerp” really took off this year. It was originated by Junior Calen and Sophomore Mack Suto about their Pappy Nick. It then became a word that the football team started to use, eventually spreading throughout the school from there. Many people across every grade level use the word to this day, and it doesn’t seem like the use of it will come to an end any time soon. You can read more about “Swerp” on this article: https://avonewsonline.org/2018/11/swerp-taking-over-the-school/


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