There are many new YouTubers that are rising in the entertainment industry. YouTube has become a very popular platform for people who want to express themselves. As such, there are many extremely interesting up and coming YouTubers. We chose 5 YouTubers that we thought were the most inspirational in 2018.

  1. Liza Koshy:

Everyone knows her for her humor. She first started off on an app called Vine, and now she makes hilarious, scripted YouTube videos. She currently has about 6.4 million subscribers, and her most viewed video is titled “I EAT GLUE! BACK TO SCHOOL DIY Parody”. This video has over 30 million views and was posted 2 years ago.

4.Logan/Jake Paul

These brothers first started YouTube around the same time. When everyone came back from Summer break two years ago, the only thing that most people could talk about is who they liked better. Although their channels have somewhat died this late in the year, they still made a huge impact in 2018. Jake has 17 million subscribers while Logan has 18 million.

3.The Dolan Twins

These twin brothers have been on YouTube for quite some time, but their channel grew a lot this year because of their friendship with James Charles, a fellow YouTuber. They are well-known for their crazy challenges and beautiful faces. Their subscriber count jumped to 7.9 million subscribers in 2018.

2.James Charles

James Charles is a male beauty YouTuber. He has pathed the way for future males in the beauty industry, and on top of that, he makes funny challenge videos that are makeup related. About 3 years ago he became Covergirl’s first male “Coverboy”. He is also well-known for his friendship with The Dolan Twins and Emma Chamberlain. He recently released a makeup palette in collaboration with Morphe, a popular makeup brand. His lingo is used in everyday life among our peers. His subscriber count is currently 11 million.

1.Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson has been on YouTube for 8 years. He started off making funny, little skits, then he moved on to making videos where he tests different products. This year he revolutionized the YouTube industry by making long series, with about 9 parts, and each of these were 40-80 minutes long. He would work on these for months and then he would release them one by one to the public. Everyone always waits in anticipation for the next one. He has also been making conspiracy theory videos for quite some time. I know that many people love these, and he loves making them. He currently has 19 million subscribers.  


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