The 2018-19 Boys Basketball team has been a team with a target on them early in the season. Standing at 4-1, only losing to Seton LaSalle, the boys are looking at a very positive season ahead. Upon discussing with a few teammates, the team is already showing trust in each other and willpower to make it far in playoffs. Senior Turner Grau added, “The team this year has a lot more camaraderie than in the years past. The other seniors and I have been lifelong friends and it makes practices and games more fun but also allows for us to hold each other more accountable. Our games this year have came down to the very last seconds which makes it even more exciting than ever. Attitude wise I also feel like we have a tougher team than in years pasts and we like to play aggressive.”

Sophomore Sean McAleer showed this appreciation for his teammates by talking about Turner’s game plays; “Offense wise… his driving is down low and he plays more like a forward even though he plays at forward and center, but overall a good team and player.”

In addition to the trust among the players, a majority of the players have the mentality that the team is doing better than years past. Junior Jordan Rapp directly stated that “we are doing better than we thought since losing our 2 best players due to graduation and injury.” Adding on to that theme, junior Deon Thomas believes that “this season is going good so far and I’m looking forward to what we can do this year.”

Finally, senior Patrick Gannon had a few words to speak about his teammates. “I think the team has a lot of grit, and that could carry us very far into the postseason”. The 2018-19 Boys Basketball team is all on the same page about their season and their fellow teammates.

On December 19, the boys took a win of 45-44 against Fort Cherry.

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