2018 was filled with a plethora of highly receptive LGBTQ+ movies. 2018 could not be complete without a list of these exquisite films. In this list I will be rating them based off of LGBTQ+ representation, cinematography, and the official ‘sad boi’ meter.


Despite the conversion therapy’s inhumane attempts, Adam (Forrest Goodluck), Jane (Sasha Lane), and Cameron (Chloe Grace Moretz) leave “God’s Promise” with a sense of pride in themselves and their identities.

5) “The Miseducation of Cameron Post”

Teenage girl, Cameron Post, is caught with the school’s prom queen and is sent to “God’s Promise”, a conversion therapy program in the middle of nowhere. The movie features members of the LGBTQ+ community who withstand questionable practices happening at “God’s Promise”. Relationships develop as Cameron endures the program with her friends.

Representation: Conversion therapy is a dilemma teenagers face today. Despite conversion therapy’s failure, parents continue to fund and utilize it. This movie accommodates the rising want of lesbian leads in LGBTQ+ films.

Cinematography: Basic, but pleasing




Howard Ashman (left) is also known as Disney’s unofficial director for few Disney movies and other musicals

4) “Howard”

The Disney lyricist, Howard Ashman, is followed in this movie documentary. Howard wrote iconic Disney songs such as, “Be Our Guest”, “Under the Sea”, and “Poor Unfortunate Souls”. Many of these songs have LGBTQ+ threads woven into them, as Howard himself was battling AIDS.

Representation: Fantastic representation of a high-profiled LGBTQ+ person who created iconic staples in Disney history

Cinematography: Simple and smooth

Sad Boi Meter:  7/10 (wig barely intact)


Xavier (Lucas Hedges) and Jared (Théodore Pellerin) share a bed together; this is one of few scenes throughout the movie that juxtaposes the movie’s grim theme

3) “Boy Erased”

Adapted from the novel, ‘Boy Erased’; “Boy Erased” is a movie will leave you in absolute tears, and leave you with zero faith in humanity. “Boy Erased” is about a gay teen who is forcefully outed to his hyper-religious family. He is faced with two choices: disownment or conversion therapy.

Representation:  Based around a true story (and struggle) that thousands of people in the LGBTQ+ community face. To this day, conversion therapy is only banned in fourteen states. This movie also stars gay icon, Troye Sivan, and bassist, Flea (Michael Balzary), from Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Cinematography:  Vibrant and dull (simultaneously used to complement theme)

Sad Boi Meter: 11/10 (WIG EVAPORATED)


Elio (Timothee Chalamet) and Oliver (Armie Hammer) make amends, initiating the beginning of their blossoming, intense relationship

2) “Call Me By Your Name”

In the summer of 1983, Lombardy, Italy, two identically different people meet each other. Oliver and Elio meet each other during Elio’s stay at his family’s villa. A friendship, and (eventual) relationship forms slowly throughout the summer of ‘83.

Representation: Phenomenal story of a relationship between people who initially disliked each other. Throughout the story, the viewer will see how Elio and Oliver discover something that has been hidden inside of them.

Cinematography: ‘Tumblr’ aesthetic and the viewer will feel like they are in a fantasy land

Sad Boi Meter: 10/10 (WIG SNATCHED)



(left to right) Nick (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.), Simon (Nick Robinson), Abby (Alexandra Shipp), and Leah (Katherine Lanford) begin the movie as an iconic squad; throughout all the turmoil the movie throws their way, they still end the movie as an ICONIC squad (plus one)

1) “Love, Simon”

“Love Simon” is an LGBTQ+ movie that is adapted from,“Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda”. The movie highlights the need for LGBTQ+ representation in movies (especially relationships). The movie is strongly accurate with the struggles of a gay teen coming out to his family, even if his family is liberal, and even if his friends are supportive. This movie (and book) will leave you saying, “I deserve a great love story.”

Representation: Spot on, with quirky moments that will have the viewer saying, “Mood”.

Cinematography: Simple and smooth

Sad Boi Meter:  8.5/10 (WIG HAS LEFT THE CHAT)

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