9th-grade students are finally discussing the changes that they want to be made in the Avonworth School District. In 9th grade seminar, students wrote down three changes they hoped to see. The most prominent change for the freshmen was for an open MOD. Unlike other high schoolers, the 9th-grade students do not have this opportunity. Many of the students have multiple activities  outside of school. 

Freshmen Maggie Goetz says, “I have some sports outside of school- volleyball in the fall, and basketball in the winter. When I have games, I don’t get home until really late. On Sunday, I go to a youth group, I’m there pretty much all day. On days that I don’t have this, I want to spend time with my family.” Other 9th graders, like Connor Whalen, juggle soccer and running.  Both Maggie and Connor say that having an open mod with greatly benefit them; it would eliminate stress and give them more free time after school.


Maggie Goetz showing off her amazing ideas for changes in the school.


One of the concerns with giving freshmen an open MOD is the idea that they would not do much work, and mess around with friends. However, both Maggie and Connor reflect a number of students honestly focused on good time management to accomplish their goals.

Connor says that he would “finish homework, study for tests, and catch up with teachers.” Maggie has similar thoughts, she would “have more time to study for quizzes, especially around this time–midterms. It would also free up time in my day.” Both students expressed that they would feel significantly less stressed, and they would have more time to hang out with friends and spend time with family.

Freshman Emily Davis is holding up her seminar project.

The teacher in charge of prompting students to think this way is Ms. George, the 9th-grade seminar teacher. Ms. George thinks that having the freshmen students express their opinions will benefit the whole school.

“I think with the auction getting canceled students were really, really vocal about it being a problem, ” said George about providing 9th grade students an outlet for their viewpoints, “that they didn’t feel like there was anything fun and cultural.”

To replace the auction, George suggested more assemblies and activities to get the students more involved with the school, connected to the school, and involved with the teachers. Not only do ninth grade students want more activities, they would like to have seniors become mentors. Students thought that seniors could share their experiences and help new high school students with work ethic and understanding the material.

Many students have thought of this as a student revolution; ideas are being brought to the student council and the school board. Ms. George is hopeful that the students’ opinions will be taken into consideration and changes will be made.

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