Every sports team has a way of hyping themselves up for the game ahead, and one of the most popular ways is through music. But how is the music chosen?

A previous article on the Avonews discussed the general music taste of Avonworth High School. Looking back to the start of the football season and the playlist created by the players, we see a difference in the song choices on the playlist compared to more current music.

All of the songs chosen by the players are in the category of rap. With each year of generating the playlist, it’s the senior’s job to create it. The only rule is that it can’t be explicit and if found to be, then they must find the clean version in order to be part of the playlist. Basically, the seniors of the upcoming season find the most pumped up songs of the year, while still including good, ‘hype’ music from years in the past. The breakdown was mentioned by Ryan Paszkiewicz: “that each member of the varsity football team has a chance to recommend a song. After the ‘first draft’ playlist is created, the boys on the team make other suggestions and or adjust it”. The newly added playlist is the team’s warmup, locker room, and victory sound machine.

Similarly to the football playlist, the boy’s basketball playlist this year also consists of songs in the rap genre. At the beginning of the season, it is the senior’s responsibility to make the season’s playlist. They grab the well-known songs of that year and or season and determine if the songs would get the team ready for games. Mentioned earlier with football, the same rules apply, such as: having to be the clean version and makes the team get ‘hyped’ and ready for games.

Closing out, each of the fall and winter sports show similarities when it comes to making and listening to their game time, practice, and victory song selections. The seniors tend to have the chore, but only the football team has an open table about the songs. All in all, each playlist gets the team going and shows a sense of teamwork throughout each sport.

Reporting by Ellie Cepeda and Lois Bennett

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