YouTube is easily one of the most influential video platforms on the internet. It’s used for tutorials, entertainment, and a source of income for many people. One category I enjoy are storytime animators. Despite a bad rap among other users of the platform, there are five that I personally see as great entertainment and the best of the community. Many story time animators listed below are close to one another, so you may find an occasional video with more than one person from this list.

  1. Odd1sOut
    Out of any other animators on the list, Odd1sOut is definitely the most influential. He’s the most well-known animator in the community. With over 9 million subscribers, it’s easy to see how much of a following he has. Not only are his videos entertaining, but they are also rewatchable. I’ve probably racked up the view counter by at least a hundred from how often I watch his animations over and over again.

2. Jaiden Animations
Inside jokes can show how big a community has become. Viewers of Jaiden Animations will find a lot of inside jokes when watching her videos. Jaiden also has a pet bird named Ari, who often makes appearances in her animations, whether by chirping or animated. Most of Jaiden’s videos are meant more for fun, but she isn’t shy about her own personal problems. She has a few videos about her experiences of anxiety and a video about her lack of a face reveal. I don’t want to spoil it, but her videos are definitely worth a watch, especially to show that you aren’t alone.

3. TimTom
It may be hard to enjoy an overly dramatic story, but TimTom is an exception. His stories seem a bit out there at times, but it gives him a bit of originality. His characters look a bit similar to Odd1sOut’s characters, but TimTom’s are a bit more animated. He does have a video that isn’t animated where he plays a Christmas Trivia game with Jaiden, Odd1sOut, and SomeThingElseYT, which I find very entertaining.

4. Illymation
From any other YouTubers on the list, Illymation is easily the least family friendly. Cursing is a bit common in her videos, but nothing too awful. She focuses her stories more on uncomfortable topics, such as harassment she experienced and even an abusive relationship she endured. Compared to the other channels listed, her content is more mature, but she does try to ease a bit of tension with a little bit of comedy at the right moments.

5. Katzun
Katzun may be a bit harder to enjoy for some people. The first video I watched by her was her video about fandoms, which made me enjoy her as a person. Her art style is more with humanoid cats, but her “Fandoms” video gives a bit of reasoning on why she doesn’t really draw people. Not only is there a bit of a reason, but it gives her animations a unique look as many other animators listed above keep their characters more humanistic.

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