Midterms this year created many strong opinions among the students here at Avonworth.

The midterms this school year were very different compared to last year. Some of the changes included having the tests after winter break and not following the set test date for each subject.

Many students voiced their opinions on the midterms this year, like Junior Natalie Marshall.

First of all, I didn’t really like how it was after break. I liked them being before break and getting them out of the way and having a more relaxing break not having to worry about them in the next couple of weeks. Also, it was very stressful and difficult because many of the teachers didn’t actually follow the midterm schedule that was given and so I ended up having most of my tests on the same day, so that caused a lot of stress.”

Natalie encountered an extra difficult midterm week, with multiple midterm tests on the same school day.


A few other students felt the same way, and Junior Jessie Mellon stated, “Like after midterms, I was like, ‘uh I really feel like I should be going on break right now,’ but I wasn’t. I still had to go to school.”

Other students did not have very strong opinions on midterms this year.

Madison, pictured here during LEAD time before the holiday break, has experienced multiple midterm schedules in her four years at the high school, spread across different start times, different period lengths, and different principals as well.


Senior Madison Haver stated, “I personally thought that midterms were okay. They could’ve been better obviously because most of my teachers didn’t tell me that we were going to have a midterm until a couple days before it actually happened, which was unfortunate.”

Another student, Freshman Jon Bodnar, commented, “They were pretty good, they weren’t too hard but they weren’t really easy.” On his opinion of the scheduling of the midterms, Bodnar said, “For me they were good cause I didn’t have them on the same day but I know there were people that had them on the same day.”

As a 9th grade student, Jon is experiencing midterms in this format without any prior comparison, and overall he completed them without much stress

There was a wide variety of opinions about the midterms this year among the students of Avonworth, and we are all curious as to see how they will pan out next year.

Reporting done by: Hadley Holcomb, Carolyn Abramowich, Josh Elm, and Sarah McAdams

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