“Gaming is a way of joining communities together under one thing”

Or so says Fabian Vazquez, a junior, who recently moved to Avonworth from Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. He is endeavoring to create an after-school gaming club for the students here.

When asked “why gaming?” he replied with the above quote, elaborating that gaming is a topic that he is passionate about and that he knows others share the same passion. He said that he hopes to bring together students of all ages to play games after school and during LEAD. This is what he hopes will be a way for people to make friends and bond over games of all varieties. 

The gaming club is projected to include students from all grades, high school, and middle school. It will be focused around games of all varieties, not just video games. From games like Overwatch, Call of duty, Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Streetfighter to games like Tetris and Minecraft. Uno, D&D, and Monopoly fans will also find their place at the gaming table and in the gaming club. 

Fabian talked about his endeavor to create the gaming club saying that he had to find someone who was willing to sponsor his club. He found this person in Mrs. Swaney. He then had to fill out a form to be submitted to Mrs. Dwulit and the school board. He now anxiously awaits the next school board meeting to hear back about whether or not he has a club.

From card games to board games Fabian’s new gaming club will include all games for everyone. Video games will follow the ratings that the school board allows, but all other games will be welcome.

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  1. Cross your fingers and hope the school board lets this club bloom into fruition! Let’s just wait until the fish are done breaking out into choreographed song and dance.

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