Freshman Neo Miller has been causing a lot of noise among Avonworth students ever since he released his first song as “Lil Swang” on SoundCloud.

The song was called “Bankrupt” and caused a lot of controversy, leading to its removal from his account.

His most statistically popular releases are “Luv the Hate” with 6,986 views and “Dennis The Menace” with 6,234 views.

Lil Swang’s header for SoundCloud, designed by his brother Jax Miller. 

When Neo, or rather Lil Swang, first started up his SoundCloud and began to release songs there was a lot of commotion among students across all grades at Avonworth.

“Just me listening to music and loving music” Neo answered when asked how he started his career.

Neo was inspired to release his first song when other people began to support him and “all the hype from it.”

Neo said that he could see himself continuing to make music as he gets older, saying, “My voice will get [more mature] and I will make better lyrics.”


When asked what he thought about his brother making music, Junior Jax Miller responded, “I don’t have a problem with it. He does whatever makes him happy and it gives him more creativity. One day he’ll blow up.”

Lil Swang and his friends during the making of his first hit “Bankrupt”.

The students of Avonworth have varying opinions of Lil Swang, some being criticizing and some being uplifting.


One student, who requested to remain anonymous, stated, “It was funny at first but now it’s just really stupid.”

Senior Hayden Robinson said, “It’s stupid.”


Freshman Lois Bennett stated, “I don’t have a standpoint on it. People think its a joke but he takes it seriously.”


However, with all of the criticism Lil Swang receives, he also gets positive comments.

Junior Park Penrod said, “He’s lit.”

Mrs. Swaney stated, “Lil Swang is better than Drake.”


Neo Miller and his Lil Swang identity have made waves here at Avonworth, and you can often see people listening to his music in class.


We will end on a quote from Junior Josh Elm: “Neo is not worth the hype right now but if he masters his craft he can do great things in the future and potentially do great things for himself.”

Reporting done by Sarah McAdams, Josh Elm, Julia Libbon, & Ally Yovetich

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