Beginning today the freshmen class is selling Pittsburgh Popcorn to fundraise until Thursday March 7th. The fundraiser is running for about two weeks and all of the money that they profit from the fundraiser will go towards their senior prom and their graduation activities. The freshmen are starting their fundraising now so that by the time their senior prom comes around the cost of their prom tickets will be more affordable by all.

Zoey Miller, Ella Galbraith, Maggie Goetz, and Joe Reed are the members of the freshmen council that have come up with the fundraising idea for their freshmen class. Zoey, while she is not a freshman class representative, wanted to take the initiative by giving the freshman class a head start on their fundraising so that they would have money their senior year to be able to make it a very memorable year.

The kinds of popcorn that they are selling include: Chocolate Caramel Corn, Peanut Butter Cup, Caramel with Roasted Peanuts, Caramel Corn, Pennsylvania Dutch Kettle, Chocolate Pretzel Corn, Savory Herb, and Wisconsin Cheddar. The prices range from $5.50 to $8 and the some of the flavors are both gluten free and vegan so that the popcorn can be enjoyed by all.

Although it is a freshmen run fundraiser, anyone can help out no matter the grade. They are looking for students that are willing to sell the popcorn around the neighborhoods and in the community; so if you are willing to help and get a some volunteer hours, contact one of the members of the council. Those that do volunteer will not only get their respective volunteer hours, but the freshmen council says that “there will be a reward for the most successful seller”.

Zoey Miller, freshman, one of the members of the freshmen council that came up with the idea to fundraise with Pittsburgh Popcorn

Zoey’s goal for the fundraiser is “upwards of about 100 dollars”, but they are grateful of any money that they do receive. Help out the freshmen class by purchasing popcorn or by selling it so that they can surpass their goal of $100!

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