If you ask any freshman or sophomore what they King of Hearts Dance was they probably won’t know what you’re talking about. If they do, they will probably say something about their older siblings attending. If you ask a senior what the King of Hearts Dance was, they might say something along the lines of “kinda sad”… or at least those who attended their freshman year will. Juniors, however, will know it as the dance that got canceled their freshman year due to “lack of interest.” Whatever way you look at it, the King of Hearts Dance was not something for legend.


Student Council members assemble the balloon arch to adorn the entrance to the dance.

However, the students’ want for a dance in between homecoming and prom persists. In the 2017-18 school year, the Decades Dance was the solution to that problem. This year the Sadie Hawkins Dance, known as the Sadie’s, came to the rescue.


The Sadie’s Dance was complete with decorations, music and music videos, and Chick-Fil-A catering.

Maya Berg, a junior  who attended the dance, said that “It was really fun.” She elaborated saying that she liked the smaller number of attendees at the Sadie’s as opposed to at a dance like homecoming because it was more intimate and “less crowded.” Many other attendees have commented at the dance or afterword saying how much they loved the Chick-Fil-A and candy bar that were provided.

Overall the dance received many positive views and will hopefully continue to stick around and grow through the coming years.

Decorations included pink and white balloons and balloons filled with confetti.

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