Brant McAdams, Avonworth alumni class of 2018, is currently a Freshman at Ashland University where he is a member of the Fornite Esports team.


Ashland University is the first in the nation to offer scholarships for the popular video game Fortnite. They made many headlines in spring of 2018 when they first came out with the announcements.


The headlines caught the attention of Brant, who was already accepted into Ashland and was in the process of making his decision to go there. Because he already knew that he was going to Ashland, he decided to look into being on the Fortnite team. Brant called the coaches and had a phone interview with them as they looked at his stats and assessed if they wanted him on the team.

Brant McAdams in uniform playing Fortnite in the Ashland Esports center.

Brant eventually heard back from the coaches who informed him that he secured a spot on the team! Over 1,000 people applied to be on the team, but only 10 people made it: and Brant was one of them.

Brant, third from the left, and his Ashland University Fortnite team.

Currently, Brant is in the nursing program at Ashland with plans to later become a Nurse Anesthetist. He and his duo partner went 2-3 this official season with wins against University of Central Florida and University of Houston. They still have upcoming tournaments this year, and Brant was offered a scholarship to be on the Fortnite team again next year.


Brant’s Twitch (live streaming) account is linked below if you would like to follow him and watch some of his clips!

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