“Happy International Women’s Day! Women’s fight for equality is still ongoing throughout the world, but I’m proud to say that in the US, this country has “got with the times” and is more equal with women’s equality than it has ever been (as of 2019). There are quite a few things we should work on, naturally. Equality takes time. All the same, we should fight alongside each other. Not as just women, or just men. Equality has no division. No border. Feminists are not people who wish to be more important than men or wish for matriarchy. Feminists are people who believe women are equal to men and should have the same rights, privileges, etc. We wish to spread our message to other countries where women are property and can be murdered for attempting to be independent, or even for attempting to fight for justice. Everyone should come together as a community to fight for each other’s rights. As men, women, and humans. Oppression and discrimination should be intolerable. If you see a sibling getting picked on, you step up and defend them. Why should it matter who they are? Is being human, a good enough reason? Being a part of the same species? No matter your religion, race, sex, gender identity/expression, nationality, sexuality, class, status, political belief, etc. We all bleed the same, we hurt the same, and die the same. Those factors are only what makes us unique, not what should divide us. Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights, and any other movements, are fights for equality, respect, and understanding. Understanding will be the first step to respect, and the second step towards equality. Happy International Women’s Day ❤️”

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