As the Pirates begin their 2019 season, there is a noticeable lack of enthusiasm around school for the team. Here are a few responses from students who were around during MOD H when I looked for Pirates fans at the start of the season:

Junior (and varsity baseball player) Park Penrod
“I am looking forward to baseball, but not the Pirates, since they never win.”

Junior (and varsity softball player) Natalie Marshall
“I love baseball and watching it, but not the Pirates, because the organization is bad.”

Senior Jason Novasol
“I don’t care about baseball.”

Sophomore Jonah Sommers was the only student with interest.
“I’m looking very forward to seeing the Pirates and hopefully they can win a lot.”

Freshman Jermaine Woods
“I don’t care about baseball at all.”

Sophomore Drew Harper
“I don’t really care about baseball or the Pirates.”

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