The LGI hosted its first AHS Art Show from Tuesday, April 30th at 5:30 until the end of Wednesday, May 1. Here’s an overview of the art displayed throughout the LGI, which was a switch from the prior Art Show location of the middle school gym.

Senior Lainey Hilyard’s self-portrait.

Picture gallery of the Junior class by Junior Park Penrod.
Self Portrait by Junior Kate Francis
Shared board made with pieces by Sean Hustler, right, and Maya Klatte-McAfee, left.
Shared board made with pieces by Abby Wert, right, and Rachel Little, left.
A close up of sculptures made by Maya Klatte-McAfee
Some artwork made by students in the various art classes
Cartoon inspired at made by junior Andrew McDowell
Various animals and self-portraits made by Kate Francis
Butterfly stained glass window created by Kate Francis
Various styles of art made by the different art classes
Another wall filled with art made by the high school art classes
The AHS Art Show features a variety of media from digital creations to hand-drawn sketches. 


Dress hemmed by Olivia Nutter


A glimpse at the boards featuring a variety of works from 9, 10, and 11th grade art students. 


Another wall filled with art, some made by the students in the tenth grade integrated class


Wall titled “Constant Improved” created by senior Andrew Ott


Another mix of 9, 10, and 11th grade artwork


Wall of photos taken by junior Malcolm Rooney



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