This year we were entered into a new world at Avonworth. With a new block schedule format for classes kids got more opportunities while building their day. For instance some kids come in late or leave for the day early. Another thing kids have started to do is schedule open mods or something like a study hall. You’re not assigned a room for this period so you are allowed to roam around the school. Most people would most likely think this could lead towards trouble. As I observed today it has been a benefit. A lot of kids have been gathering in the High School or Middle School gym to play basketball with each other. While the school was not planning on this to be time to play basketball, it was built for studying, I think it for sure benefits people.

 Junior Oliver Holjes said, “Playing basketball during open mod helps me clear my head and it is a great substitute for a cardiovascular workout since I don’t currently have gym class this semester.”

Oliver Holjes shooting a three
Liam Tomczak holding a basketball


 Junior Liam tomczak said, “Gives me a break from work so I can focus on school work when I leave school. If I don’t have school work it keeps me busy and out of trouble to help the day go by faster. Some days I do not play basketball so I can get my work done before I leave school but if I feel the work is manageable at home then I come to the gym.”

 Junior Jacob Horigan said, “It is a great way to spend some quality time with classmates that I don’t see everyday. Basketball and exercise are great ways to relieve stress. The camaraderie between everyone who plays is tangible and playing pickup during open mods is a great way to spend 45 minutes.”

As you can tell from what these people have said that while they aren’t studying math or english they are learning skills way more important such as teamwork or while also helping them with fitness. Sports have always been said to teach life lessons like going through hardship or losses while bonding with people to play for one goal. While playing basketball during open mod might not be as important as a actual team organized sport it is still accomplishing something almost the same as it.

Junior Kevin McGibbney said at the end of the year, “My life without basketball at school would have been less enjoyable every day, we’ll just say that.”

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