Today was Mrs. Hickman’s first day back in the library after being gone for six weeks on maternity leave. She was teaching a class when I was in the library during mod H, but the assistant librarians report that her newest family member, a little baby boy named Oliver, is happy and healthy. More from her tomorrow.

In the meantime, the three assistant librarians, Mara Bett, Jesse Hinterliter, and Fabian Vazquez Ramos, were up to their daily shenanigans. Mara and I talked about our Physics project and schemed about how to succeed at our egg drop. While this was happening Fabian continuously poked Mara’s arm and leaned on her chair annoying her more and more with each second.


Fabian doing everything he can to annoy Mara


As Jesse left to finish his homework conversation died down and Rachel Little wandered behind the counter. Mara, Fabian and Rachel proceed to play with mad libs coming up with ridiculous stories about how cheerleaders come running onto the field shouting “Yay, Go fork!”. These mad lib stories continued as the five of us shouted out random words such as “Kangaroo”, “Doofus”, “bowls”. Of course, the conversation began to turn to teasing as they tried to figure out what to do next. Fabian offered to Mara “Would you like me to beat you in sudoku?”

One of the many word choices for mad libs


Shenanigans like these are a daily occurrence behind the library counter. Along with periodic appearances by Mrs. Hickman and Mrs. Arnold, this week of beat reporting is sure to bring about many a funny story and hilarious occurrence.

One final word from the assistant librarians: “procrastinate”


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