Today I got to talk to Mrs. Hickman more during mod F/G. She reports that she is happy to be back and is considering herself something of a “harbinger of summer” because she is returning so close to the end of the school year. Although she is returning very late she says that she is glad she did as it gives her time to set things up for next year so that she won’t be playing catch up when the new school year comes around. Mrs. Hickman is also happy to report that baby Oliver is a happy, smiley baby who doesn’t sleep enough, “but then again what do you expect.”

On this particular Wednesday afternoon, a fierce debate arose between Fabian and Jesse about Tesla superiority. They were astonished at the price of some of the cars. Jesse reported that the Model X, and SUV style car, cost around $100,000 and the Roadster, a sport car style car, cost about $250,000.

While Mara worked checking in books with Mrs. Hickman and making sure they were all accounted for Jesse and Fabian set up a game of monopoly on Fabian’s computer.

I got roped into playing along and chose the thimble piece. This was apparently the wrong choice as it is apparently Jesse’s favorite piece. The monopoly game intensified as Jesse and Fabian continued to bid higher and higher amounts for properties not worth that much. It was at this point that Rachel Little showed up and Jesse complained that “Monopoly is only for capitalist dogs.” He says he would have rather played Boggle.

One final word from the librarians: “Communism”

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