Calvin spends the last period of his day in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), at least that is what he thinks the name of the class is. He explains, “I have the memory of a goldfish. I forget everything. If my head was not attached to my body, I would lose it.”

Calvin’s current project in CIM is, according to him,   “a board game where you have to guide a marble through a bunch of mazes ’till you get to the end.” His project involves spray painted pieces of wood and pieces printed on the 3D printer.

In responding to how his day was, Calvin tells that he made–or at least tried to make–a flute in Physics Class: “that was a project that was not happening. I don’t play a musical instrument for a reason. I tried playing the clarinet for two weeks… I stopped.”

Calvin also shared that he strongly  despises going to the dentist and thinks that you do not want to get on your dentist’s bad side: “you don’t want the person poking around your mouth with metal tools to be mad at you.”

Calvin’s Quotes to Live By:

“Doing things earlier is a lot better than doing them late.”


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