Junior Paul Reilly and Freshman Riley Olszewski put together a delicious fundraiser through their service learning class to benefit the Foster the Love charity. The pair was selling S’mores Hot Chocolate for $2 for a limited time only in the Lopes Lounge. They also collected donations of pajamas, packs of socks, blankets, books, toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash, bath poufs, deodorant, and feminine hygiene products.


The S’mores drink sales raised over $200 for the charity, and as Mrs. Reagle, who is in charge of the service learning class, stated, “100% of the money raised has gone to the charity.”

Sign in the Lopes Lounge advertising the sale of the S’mores Hot Chocolate.


Junior Paul Reilly originated the idea for the S’mores flavored hot chocolate when the class was voting on which drink they wanted to go with. Mrs. Reagle explained that there were originally many different ideas and that they “asked our class if they had wanted any of the options and had let them pick their favorite decision.”

Anna Libbon’s order of the S’mores Hot Chocolate.


The class chose to work with the Foster the Love charity because “there are many people who are put through foster care and have very little to bring with them. They are only permitted to bring 1 garbage bag to fill up with essentials they will need. We personally have none but it is something that has touched my heart and made me want to reach out and help those who couldn’t,” as Mrs. Reagle states. The students who worked on this project worked at bringing awareness of the struggles foster children go through and how the students at Avonworth could help.

The drink sales and donations may be over, but the Foster the Love charity continues to work towards making life better for foster children. To donate to the charity, you can access their website at https://www.fosterloveproject.org/ or use Amazon Smile when buying items off of Amazon and choose the Foster the Love organization as your designated charity.

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